You really have to admire Israel

Canada Free Press - 18 November 2012 - From Jerry Philipson

It is Hamas in Gaza that is responsible for the outbreak of the violence….There is no justification for firing rockets on Israel which are causing massive suffering to the Israeli population. The Chancellor of Germany urges those responsible in the Gaza Strip to immediately stop firing on Israel.

Spokesman for Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany:

Angela Merkel’s statement is representative of pronouncements made by governments and international organizations around the world which have strongly supported Israel’s right to defend itself, which have strongly condemned Hamas for attacking Israel and provoking the Israeli response in the first place and which have called upon Hamas to stop firing rockets into Israel as a precursor to ending hostilities.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and many, many others (even the European Union, which has long been hostile to Israel and all things Israeli) have all said more or less the same thing…Hamas is to blame for the Israeli attack on Gaza because it provoked Israel into attacking with its own attacks on Israel, Israel has every right to defend itself and its response is entirely justified and Hamas must stop firing rockets into Israel from Gaza for a ceasefire to happen. (continue reading...)