Women, Islam and the Stockholm Syndrome, Part 2 The Jihad against Women

06 February 2013
Women, Islam and the Stockholm Syndrome, Part 2 The Jihad against Women

Political Islam 6 February 2013
By Kenneth Roberts

Jihad-and-hegira (attack-and-retreat) is the third ‘essential doctrine’ (usul ud-deen) in Islam. This push-pull dynamic, applied against women, produces Islam’s Stockholm syndrome, forcing women to submit to men

Compliant women in turn create compliant families in a compliant, monocultural Muslim society.

Muslims instinctively recognize jihad-and-hegira, a dualistic pattern that allows Muslims in stages to be both militant, then conciliatory. Jihad and hegira are opposite ends of one swing or, if you will, two phases of one cycle. Militant jihad prepares the way for conciliatory ‘peaceful Islam’. ‘Peaceful Islam’ then sets up jihad/holy warfare. In this manner, Islam ratchets itself forward, just as a reaper advances into a field, cutting wheat with the forward-and-back, swinging motion of a scythe.

Dualistic Jihad-and-Hegira creates Stockholm Syndrome

Muslims instinctively expect jihadic violence to set up the conditions for conversion to ‘peaceful Islam’ (and so it does), but the ‘miracle’ they perceive is actually the Stockholm syndrome. An example from the Sira illustrates this point:

"Mas’ud leapt upon Sunayna, one of the Jewish merchants with whom his family had social and commercial relations and killed him. The Muslim’s brother complained, saying, ‘Why did you kill him? You have much fat in you belly from his charity.’ Mas’ud answered, ‘By Allah, had Muhammad ordered me to murder you, my brother, I would have cut off your head.’ Whereupon the brother said, ‘Any religion that can bring you to this is indeed wonderful!’ And he accepted Islam.” (Ishaq: 369)

This counterintuitive story from the Sira illustrates how terrorism and the startling threat of fratricide lead to Islamic conversion. After the carnage of 9-11, Muslims around the world claimed without evidence that there was an increase in conversions to Islam. Muslims sincerely believed the viciousness of 9-11 had led to a miraculous admiration for Islam, rather than revulsion. This is a telltale sign that Muslims unconsciously recognize the Stockholm syndrome.

However, victims of the Stockholm syndrome are unaware they have been programmed to endorse violence. Muslims themselves, and their victims, become dissociated through the ratcheting motion of jihad-and-hegira.

Kafirs need to recognize that militant jihadists (what politicians call ‘Muslim extremists’) and ‘nice Muslims’ (i.e. ‘moderate Muslims’) are simply opposite ends of Islam’s bipolarity…jihad-and-hegira…rather two different kinds of Muslim. Muslims shift easily between the two poles.

From Submissives to Co-perpetrators

Jihad-and-hegira is classic Islamic dualism. Dualism explains most of Islam. In dualism, there are unequal pairs in which one side must submit to the other. In the Stockholm syndrome, there is a dominator and a submissive. In Islam, women always submit to a man. Under the permanent threat of execution sanctioned by Allah in the Koran and sacred Sharia law, Islam’s unwilling female victims are transformed into willing codependents and active co-perpetrators with the jihadists.

Gendercide embedded in Sharia Law

Islamic male supremacism is embedded in the eternally valid words of Mohammed. He said that women are mentally and spiritually inferior to men, that they may be controlled by their husbands by beating them and by isolating them. Muslim husbands even have the right to honor kill their wives under Koran 4.34: "Then if they obey you, take no further action against them.”

The choice of ‘further action’ is up to the male owner of the chattels. Daughters and granddaughters may be honor killed under Koran 18.81 and Sharia law (ref. o1.1-4, ‘The Reliance of the Traveller’). In many Islamic countries, honor killings are not punished with severity, if they are punished at all. Mullahs living in Western countries sometimes claim that honor killing is ‘un-Islamic’; however, here it is clearly allowed in Sharia law. What is left unsaid in Sharia’s murder loophole is more important than what is said, because murder is morally reprehensible and the mullahs need plausible deniability.

Muslim women realize honor killing is a valid part of Islam, since it is eternally approved by Allah/Mohammed and by Sharia. Muslim women also accept that they have half the value of a man and that their entire body is a shameful sexual organ (‘awra’) that must be concealed by veils. They accept that the male head of the family is authorized under Sharia to be judge, jury and executioner within his family in the matter of honor killings. Muslim women are sociologically isolated through cousin marriage, so they accept there is nothing they can do about their lot but submit. Even so, thousands of Muslim women commit suicide every year in order to escape from Islam.

In Islam, women are ‘prisoners’ and ‘domestic animals’ of men. Noncompliant women may thus be culled in the same way a farmer culls rogue animals that exhibit behavioral problems.

Muslim males (and their female co-perpetrators) perceive honor killings as restoring family honor by removing an embarrassing behavioral problem.

Psychological Effect on Muslim Women

While jihadic violence is the initiating cause, the Stockholm syndrome is the psychological effect on Muslim women. Briefly put, jihad’s permanent, Allah-given threat of violence against women produces the astonishing psychological effect of cooperative victims.

One simple definition of jihad is the subjugation of women and ‘others’ using Mohammed’s methods. Mohammed’s methods implant the Stockholm syndrome in women.

Ideal female cooperation with the Muslim perpetrator is illustrated in Mohammed’s official biography, The Sira:

"When the apostle arrived at the home of his family he gave his sword to his daughter Fatima, saying, ‘Wash the blood from it, little one. By Allah, it has been true to me today.’ Ali, too, gave her his sword and said, ‘Take this and wash the blood from it. By Allah, it has been true to me today’. The name of the apostle’s sword was Dhul-Faqar (spine-splitter).” (Ishaq, Chap.14, Uhud)

Mohammed’s daughter Fatima is the perfect example of the Stockholm syndrome: she prepares the weapons of jihad which will in turn subjugate and enslave more women, herself included. She is a co-dependent.

Psychologically, the Stockholm syndrome is a Muslim woman’s attempt to escape from the despair of lifelong incarceration in Islam. Muslim women may be beaten, locked up and even honor-killed. Muslim women accept this abusive relationship because Allah eternally commands it in the Koran, as well as Mohammed in his final sermon. Muslim women give consent to men keeping them as ‘prisoners’ and ‘domestic animals’.

Mohammed’s chauvinistic final commands contained in his final sermon may never be abrogated, so Muslim women cannot be liberated until the end of time.

With 600 million female captives, Islam is a case of the Stockholm syndrome on an industrial scale. Muslim women cooperate in their own captivity because it is Allah’s will that they do so, even to the point of participating in the honor killing of other female relatives or their own children.

Co-perpetrators in Honor Killing

Victims of the Stockholm syndrome accept the violent ideology of their captors. They accept that the captors have the right to take hostages and even murder them in the name of their cause. As the Stockholm syndrome deepens, hostages finally become true believers and even co-conspirators as was observed in the famous case of Patty Hearst.

In Islam, all women are permanent hostages who may be honor killed by their male guardians at any moment. The justification for honor killing comes from Allah’s eternally valid words commanding the murder of apostates who leave Islam (K.18.81).

A Muslim, who refuses to be compliant to Islamic theocracy, becomes a guilty non-Muslim kafir, one who ‘hides’ the fact that Mohammed is right.

Islam’s non-compliant women have become kafirs and traitors to Islam who must be executed. Under the draconian rules of Sharia law, no blood compensation is paid to a family in the killing of an apostate from Islam nor is there any Sharia punishment for the killer (Reliance of the Traveller, o8.4). This means that murdering an apostate is normative Islam. This permanent death threat to all Muslims who rebel —and especially to all women—is the key component of Islam’s Stockholm syndrome.

A Muslim woman has three options: 1) embrace the Stockholm syndrome, 2) wait to be honor-killed or 3) flee Islam (suicide is one way of fleeing Islam).

Tragically, many victims of Islamic honor-killings have first been lulled into a sense of false security by their captors before being betrayed and honor-killed by them. Giving false assurances to victims and luring them into a trap is the sacred example of Mohammed in the Hadiths and Sira.

As lifelong prisoners of men, Muslim women are Islam’s first victims. After succumbing to the Stockholm syndrome, Muslim women endorse Mohammed’s brutal methods. The more they dissociate and identify with Mohammed, the more women act as co-dependents and co-perpetrators.

In spite of thousands of Islamic honor killings each year, Western Feminists have shown little interest in addressing Islam’s industrial-scale misogyny. Western Feminists have instead become pacified dhimmis, unconsciously embracing Islam’s Stockholm syndrome and abetting the perpetrators, rather than live under the constant anxiety of jihad. By their silence, Western Feminists have given up the fight against male supremacism and submitted to Islam.

A Successful Program of Intimidation

The stability of Islam depends on its complete control of women.

The permanent threat of death for non-compliance is the key to understanding Islam’s great psychological control over women and dhimmis. This ‘living under the avalanche’ creates the Stockholm syndrome which gives Islam its enduring stability and power.

The Stockholm syndrome is arguably Mohammed’s greatest discovery and the key to Islam’s success. Mohammed and his followers thought the Stockholm syndrome was a true miracle! But it is no miracle.

Fear transforms Islamic society through the unending threat of violence and death. The Stockholm syndrome is the psychological heart of Islam.

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