Woman Stabbed 29 Times in Front of Daughter

Tundra Tabloids - 06 February 2013

Yes there are crimes of passion the world over, but a brutal murder such as this has deeper underpinnings. According to Swiss ”justice”, he’s expected to receive no more than 7.5 years in prison.

Hebdo.ch: In april 2011, the accused appeared in front of the regional tribunal of Jura Bernois Seeland A Bienne. The accused must respond to accusations of murder leading to assassination. The crime was committed in Bienne at the home of the victim that was living separately from the accused, a Moroccan immigrant.

A conjugal conflict is the origin of the drama that most likely took place in the presence of the child of the couple, a 3 year old girl. The man called the police and showed no resistance during his arrest. (continue reading...)