Why Sharia4Pakistan campaigner Anjem Choudary living in United Kingdom?

www.pakistanchristianpost.com - 21 November 2012 - From Nazir S Bhatti

Who is Anjem Choudary? Why he is living in UK? What is Sharia4 Pakistan? Why he calls Pakistan regime, an apostate regime? Why he condemns Malala Yousafzai? Why he is preaching Islamic Jihad sitting in UK? Why he wants Islamic Sharia around globe? These entire questions are very important to be discussed but I must present one incidence:

It is New York City, street 5th East and a Deli on corner of 2nd Avenue, where I used to drink special Pakistani branded tea and to take Samosas in my break hours from work; it is one evening of December, 2000; I remember one Pakistani Muslim employee serving Pakistani Cab drivers and others customers behind the counter on very low wages in night watch in this deli;

One evening, when I was enjoying my tea and deserts, one bearded Muslim cabby entered in Deli and ordered for Chicken Kababs; He started cursing Deli employees "You Kafir (Infidel) what you will answer Prophet Mohammad on day of judgment, you will go directly to hell on selling bear and playing lottery for people”; It must be noted that in State of New York, all grocery stores, restaurants and Deli’s you can sell bear with due permission while many states prohibit of sale and only can be purchased from special outlets. (continue reading...)