Who Killed Theo Van Gogh?

Gates of Vienna - 09 June 2009 - From Baron Bodissey

I just received this note from Sagunto, a Dutch reader and sometime commenter at Gates of Vienna:

Geert Wilders has been accused by the ZDF (German public television) of providing the climate of “intolerance” that — one can’t make these things up, you’d say — caused Theo van Gogh to be slaughtered. It happened in a broadcast discussing the success of “extremist”, “far-right”, “populist” et cetera (ad nauseam) political parties at the European.. ahem.. “elections”.

Notice that in the ZDF-special, these so-called “concerned Dutch citizens” whom you see protesting Geert Wilders’ victory are carrying banners manufactured by the “Internationale Socialisten”, no translation needed, I suppose. It’s a radical socialist and anti-democratic organization, hardly a model for citizens who are concerned about democracy. Indeed, those with genuine concerns have courageously, and against all the MSM slander, voted for Wilders’ Party for Freedom.

I’ve watched the broadcast myself, and the message indeed is crystal-clear. Here’s my translation of the transcript that was posted at the German site “Politically Incorrect”:

- - - - - - - - -

Over the last couple of weeks one has gotten used to a fair amount of distortions, manipulations and untruths from the ZDF. But the broadcast that was on offer this afternoon at 16:00 hours, entitled “ZDF-Special, Europe has voted”, represents a new kind of quality altogether. Unbelievable: the ZDF journalist Bernhard Lichte attributes the death of Theo van Gogh to the influence of Geert Wilders!

Literally, he said on the air:

“Before Parliament there are protests against the winner of the elections. Worried citizens are afraid of racism in the land of tolerance. The Party for Freedom led by the filmmaker Geert Wilders has become the second strongest force. Wilders has already faced prosecution for hate speech [“hate speech” is not a perfect translation here: “Volksverhetzung” is a German legal term that is mostly used in trials against Holocaust deniers. — translator]. Four out of twenty-five Dutch seats in Strasbourg go to him. His anti-Islam party wants to ban the Koran, demands a stop on immigration. The Muslim world was shocked by the Islam-critical film Fitna, produced by Wilders with Theo van Gogh. Intolerance with grave consequences: Theo van Gogh was murdered in 2004.”

This could very well sound like the usual showcase of bad, uninformed journalism, but is it really?

Sure enough, it’s bad, but this huge German public broadcaster has journalists and correspondents permanently stationed in Holland. They usually are extremely well informed about the political situation over here, and even more so since Pim Fortuyn came to the front of Islamo-realism in the Netherlands in 2002. It is without question that the ones who launched this attack on Wilders know full well that it was Ayaan Hirsi Ali with whom Theo van Gogh made a movie — called Submission, Part I — not Wilders.

Theo Van GoghMost insulting about this sordid piece of propaganda is the fact that, besides the name of Hirsi Ali herself, it was Wilders’ name that was featured on the death-list that Mohammed Bouyeri “attached” to the chest of Theo van Gogh with a butcher knife. And now the ZDF informs the German public that somehow Geert Wilders, because of his “intolerance”, was retroactively associated with the slaughtering of Theo Van Gogh, who had already lain buried for more than three years when Fitna was released in 2008.

So there you have it.

German “newspeak” or “Neusprache” in the age of Eurocracy and Islamization. You really CAN make it up!

Kindest of regards from Amsterdam, Sagunto