Video: We Are All Tommy Robinson: The Wandsworth Demo

28 November 2012

englishdefenceleague 28 November 2012

It was a miserable Saturday afternoon in November, but still they came. On 24th November around 200 EDL supporters gathered outside Wandsworth prison in south London to protest the continued detention of EDL Leader Tommy Robinson. Self-styled ‘anti-fascist’ groups had threatened to disrupt the demonstration, but luckily none of them bothered to turn up. It’s amazing what a little rain can do.

Tommy is being held on remand, accused of 'conspiring to cause a public nuisance' and passport irregularities following his trip to New York earlier this year.

After over a month in prison, it’s no wonder EDL supporters are asking why someone who has dedicated himself to standing up against extremism is being victimised in this way.

Qatada was bailed, but Tommy is jailed.

There can be no justification for Tommy’s treatment. Kept in solitary confinement for his own protection and facing the prospect of being unable to celebrate Christmas without his family, he’s been forced to sacrifice a great deal.

But why is he being treated in this way?

He clearly poses no threat to the public and would rather face his accusers than seek to evade justice. Evidently there are some who would rather Tommy and the EDL did not have a public platform, who would rather we did not make criticisms that are ‘inconvenient’ or cause them ‘embarrassment’.

Perhaps that explains why there has been so little press coverage of Tommy’s situation. They know it’s indefensible, so they’d rather pretend it isn’t happening.

We’ve seen that sort of tendency before – it’s exactly how many in government and in the media feel about Islamic extremism. Ignore the problem, demonise those who protest about your inaction, and maybe it’ll just go away.

Well it won’t. And neither will we.

A lot has been going on. Joint EDL Leader Kevin Carroll appeared on Canadian television to discuss Tommy’s case, whilst our friends over at British Freedom have begun a petition to free Tommy (please go and S I G N it H E R E ).

To truly make November 24th ‘Free Tommy Day’, demonstrations were held across Europe, whilst European Defence Leagues changed their website banners to show their support for Tommy.

Tommy could hear the crowd from his cell and is thankful to everyone who found a way to show their support.

But there’s still more to do. His case is still being ignored, so we need everyone to do what they can to get the word out.

A new website, , has been founded to help continue the campaign for Tommy’s freedom and updates will be posted here periodically.

We’ve long warned of the dangers of a two-tier system, where those who don’t have the ‘right’ views are denied equal treatment under the law and subjected to politically motivated persecution (or prosecution) by those who appear to have no problem abusing their positions of power.

So at a time when there’s a lot of popular anger at the treatment of UKIP supporters by a fanatical (and unapologetic) civil servant, spare a thought for Tommy. He, like them, is the victim of a politically correct establishment that thinks little of violating the rights and freedoms that the EDL has always fought to defend.

Our demonstrations will continue, our campaigning will continue. But as the demonstrators in London said quite simply, first, "we want our Tommy back”. (continue reading...)