Video: UAF and Muslim Scum Destroy Memorial To Murdered Soldier Lee Rigby

- 05 June 2013

Sick in the head anti British communist UAF and Muslim scum desecrate memorial flowers laid by the EDL in honour of fallen soldier Lee Rigby, brutally murdered on British streets by barbaric Muslim fanatics. The UAF supporters show total disrespect as they take the flowers and destroy them throwing at patriots who came to pay respect.

Unite Against Fascism are seriously sick in the head individuals who have no respect or loyalty for anyone or anything than their own totalitarian communist ideology. They despise free thinking and free speech if it deviates from their way of thinking in the slightest. In public they put on this act that they are respectable and have morales. Scratch beneath the surface and their spineless and rotten to the core.

They dont know the meaning of morales. Led by a rapist and sexists who covered up his rape, an Islamic extremist Al-Qaeda supporter, people who call Muslim jihadists plotting terror attacks in the uk, oppressed freedom fighters. Who put 1 of the Woolworth killers on a platform at their event as a guest speaker.Who defend Muslim grooming gangs effectively aiding and abetting. Who are in alliance with Muslim extremists and Jew hating homophobic hate preachers who call for death to the kafir.

They make me sick, utter scum of the earth. (continue reading...)