Video: Richard Dawkins "Islam Is One Of The Great Evils In The World"

11 July 2011 11 July 2011
By Jonathan Harrell

Richard Dawkins is one of the most prominent author and rational thinker. Richard makes point like no other, he is also the founder of RDF and Out Campaign. Richard has left many muslims to convert and leave their Islamic faith. Dawkins has participated in many debates. He also mention Faith Freedom International in one of his best books "God Delusion.”

The Writing

He is the author of several best selling books and regularly writes on atheism and debunk creationism. Dawkins’ book God Delution was a best seller and still one of the best books on atheism. He is also behind some of the best writings like the blind watchmaker and the selfish gene, which are my favorite too. Richard also write on his website

His Take On Islam

Islam deserves criticism on account of the logical consequences of its dogma, namely, that the murder of fellow human beings is to be rewarded with sensual pleasure in a hedonistic ‘Paradise’- a concept born in the fantasies of an Arab rebel some fourteen centuries ago. The religion of Mohammed is a dangerous system when the teachings and example of the ‘prophet’ are believed and followed.