Video: Muslim Mob Screams at French Police As They Try to Expel Tunisian Illegal - 14 November 2012 - From Expulsion en Tunisie VIA Tunisair

Here is a scene from Lyon airport on a plane scheduled to land in Tunisia. A Tunisian illegal is being expelled from the country and forced on to the plane. He resists violently. Because of this, the flight has already been delayed for two hours. Some of the passengers (Tunisian Muslims) see what is happening and start screaming at the police, shouting "human rights" and supporting the illegal.

One of the Muslims filmed it and posted it on YouTube. You can see he has an Arab name. At one point, he also speaks to the illegal in Arabic.

It looks as though the illegal was not actually expelled. According to France24, after this incident he was arrested, taken to court, and sentenced to 10 months in prison and a ban from French territory for 3 years. (continue reading...)