Video: Islamic militants cite 'French Crusade', pledge more terror attacks

- 21 January 2013 - From RussiaToday

The Islamic terror cell allegedly responsible for the deadly siege in Algeria, says France is carrying out a "crusader campaign" in the region. Almost 60 hostages were killed after militants captured a remote gas plant, in retaliation for the ongoing French intervention in neighboring Mali.

The Islamists claim they wanted to negotiate the release of their captives, but the offer was turned down, with the Algerian military deciding to storm the facility - causing a bloodbath. More terror attacks have now been promised - unless France ends its campaign in West Africa.

Some of the hostage-takers were militants from Libya - where Paris helped Islamists topple Colonel Gaddafi, who had warned of an impending Al Qaeda-surge in the region, as Polly Boiko reports. (continue reading...)