Video: France Tram Company Cuts off Service to Muslim-colonised Areas Following Molotov Cocktail Attacks

11 January 2013

Islam versus Europe 11 January 2013

Another video shows a "jeune" taunting French riot police by doing wheelies past their van, and they do absolutely nothing. This is in Mulhouse, where the Muslims have recently been rampaging big time.

The "traditional" wave of New Year Muslim violence led to a significant degradation of public infrastructure. Molotov cocktail attacks on trams, some of which can be seen below, have led the tram and bus company to temporarily cut off evening service to some heavily Muslim-colonised areas.

The trade union is threatening to cut off all services throughout the city if it does not receive guarantees of driver safety. It's interesting that the news report describes stones being thrown at the trams as a "daily occurrence" but notes Molotov cocktails are something new. (continue reading...)