Video: Ayaan Hirsi Ali "Why we must not take Freedom of Speech for Granted"

Vimeo - 05 August 2010 - From Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Janet Albrechtsen

The Western world is justifiably proud of being an open and free society. Unfortunately, the right to speak freely and without fear or censure is being gradually and insidiously eroded by the rising threats of terrorism and political correctness:

In times of national and global uncertainty, it is natural to turn to government to provide assurances of protection and stability – assurances that are paid for by increasing restrictions on civil liberty and individual freedoms. Implicit in the definition of a free exchange of ideas is allowing those who disagree with us to speak for their beliefs.

But should we draw a line when the right to free speech is used to preach hatred and incite violence and fear in the name of religion?

Is it hypocritical to try to silence such speech?

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: We Must Speak Honestly About Islam