US: Hizbolla - yes, Wilders - no

Avid Editor - 22 March 2008

Until a couple of days ago they also hosted a mostly empty page for Dutch politician and movie maker hopeful Geert Wilders, announcing his upcoming movie will be out soon.’ However, now the site is down, while Network Solutions investigates whether this blank page is in violation of acceptable policy.’

“Fitna fatigue or not, when you see something like this, how can you not blog?

Network Solutions, a US company, is the host for (English version here) - view whois.

Maybe you must be a registered terror group in order to host by them?’ Klein Verzet brings ways to contact them and complain.

There are rumors Google is also banning the site.’ Though I find that hard to believe, even a search for doesnt bring up the site.’

Wilders is facing a court case this Friday by the Dutch Islamic Federation, asking to ban the publication of his yet non-existent film.’ He is considering putting it out beforehand, though he says hes not fully ready yet.

The Dutch Muslim Broadcaster is meanwhile the only public broadcaster in the Netherlands who is considering showing the film, with a debate afterwards.

Among the non-Wilders Fitna sites now proliferating, Radio Netherlands put out a site titled About Fitna the Movie, where you can see and hear how tolerant the Netherlands is in English, Arabic and Indonesian.’ Wilders is such a tough cookie.. the rule of law applies to everybody, and so you cant stop Wilders until he actually does something.’ But, since Wilders wants to treat immigrants differently, hes not democratic.’ A very shallow film, apparently addressed to Muslims who are not expected to understand democracy or freedom of speech.

Sources: Creeping Sharia (English), De Pers , Telegraaf (Dutch)