U.A.F. aka Unite Against Facism:the truth behind the logo

28 October 2012

LiveLeak.com 28 October 2012
By 13matlee

Just thought i would post this to show the British based Leftist Militant Terrorist Group the U.A.F. and its supporters for who they really are nothing but vicious,hypocritical Leftist,Islamic Extremists appeasing thugs who think its ok for them to waste tax-payers money and riot and attack Police Officers but if any other group does it then in their hypocritical eyes its wrong?

The only thugs in this once great country are the Leftist Elite and its supporters who want to turn this country back to the stone age by welcoming Muslim Extremists with open arms and there supported by the British Prime Minister David Cameron the greatest treachourous Prime Minister Britian has ever known.

Anti-British, violence, intimidation, rioting, anti-Israel, anti-Jewish, racism, bigot, undemocratic, the real Unite Against Fascism (UAF) with their supporters of MP's, MEP's, journalists, musicians, Islamists and the of the establishment. the UAF use violence and intimidation to advance their political, religious, racial and ideological causes.

Making them a terrorist organisation as stated in section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2000.