Two German Nurses Probably Dead in Yemen

Spiegel Online - 16 June 2009 - From Matthias Gebauer

The German government now believes that two German nurses were among those found dead in Yemen. The fate of six other missing foreigners -- including an 11-month-old baby -- remains unclear. Officials are in a race against time.

The German government assumes the two German nurses Anita G., 24, and her 26-year-old colleague Rita S., are dead. After a number of confused reports on Monday, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier telephoned his colleague in Yemen and learned that Yemeni authorities had found three female bodies.

They're presumed to be the bodies of two German nurses and a South Korean teacher who were kidnapped while on an outing in the countryside of Saada, a northern region of Yemen known as a haven for Shia militias as well as al-Qaida fighters.

Like Johannes H., who has also gone missing, the nurses worked in a hospital in the town of Saada. The women were students from the Brake Bible School in the German town of Lemgo, which (...)