Turns out the quickest path to Allah is a promotion in al-Qaida

The Daily Caller - 06 February 2013 - From Christopher Bedford

This week, a source in the government leaked a copy of a 16-page Department of Justice "white paper” setting "forth a legal framework for considering the circumstances in which” the United States government can blow away a senior terrorist who is also a U.S. citizen, and a whole lot of people got a whole lot of angry about a whole lot of common sense.

Now, it’s not too often that we find ourselves on the side of the DOJ, its gun-smuggling executive, or his gun-hating boss; and it’s even less common that we think that the government is up to any good, but here’s one thing we will back the aforementioned up on: The quickest path to Allah is — and should be — a promotion in al-Qaida. (continue reading...)