Turkish girls sold to Arabs

www.observercyprus.com - 14 May 2009

‘Girls sold to the Arabs’ is a tragedy which has been heard about and spoken about by Turkish Cypriots for generations but there aren't many details about the essence of the issue, about why and how it happened.

Under which conditions did Turkish Cypriots, who are known as loving parents, sell their children? and most importantly, what did those girls live through?

Two Turkish Cypriot journalists, Neriman Cahit and Eralp Adanir, were curious about this issue and they started researching. During their research on the island, scans through libraries and scientific sources proved to be insufficient, so they went directly to the source of the problem.

Journalist Neriman Cahit and TV producer Eralp Adanir went to Amman with the help of the Emel-Isam Muhareb family and interviewed the Turkish Cypriot women who were given to the Arabs as brides. They found some of these women, who are in their seventies, in Palestine Refugee Camps. They spoke to the children and grandchildren of some.

Neriman Cahit and Eralp Adanir are preparing to publish the result of their interviews and research with all the details and they say: “The amount of information we gathered in Amman in one week could not be obtained in Cyprus in several years. It is an unbelievable tragedy(...)