Turkeys Islamist Government Upset At Un-Islamic Ottoman Empire Soap Opera

FrontPage Magazine - 05 December 2012 - From Daniel Greenfield

Turkey’s AKP Islamists would like to bring back the Ottoman Empire. The trouble is that they want to bring back an imaginary version of that empire which is purely Islamic and hews to Islamic morality, and there is a reason why Westerners associate the Ottoman Empire with decadence.

The AKP Islamists have crushed the military, but they haven’t quite crushed the culture yet:

Critics "ask why are we dealing with the affairs of Iraq, Syria and Gaza,” Mr. Erdogan said in a speech Sunday at the opening of an airport in western Turkey, according to Reuters. "They know our fathers and ancestors through ‘Magnificent Century,’ but we don’t know such a Suleiman. He spent 30 years on horseback, not in the palace, not what you see in that series.” (continue reading...)