Turkey under pressure over missing persons

www.cyprus-mail.com - 29 May 2012 - From Stefanos Evripidou

A BOOK narrating the memoirs of high-ranking Turkish officers during the 1974 invasion has piled further pressure on Turkey to divulge information on the whereabouts and fate of missing Greek Cypriots.

The government has called on the Council of Europe (COE) to pressure Turkey for access to the Turkish army’s reports and archives containing information on the identity of Greek Cypriots killed in 1974, and the location of burial sites and persons taken alive by the Turkish army who are still missing today.

The Cyprus Republic’s ambassador to the COE in Strasburg Theodora Constantinidou sent a memorandum to the COE’s Committee of Ministers highlighting the Turkish army’s refusal to share information that could help identify the whereabouts and fate of the missing.

The memo was sent in response to a Turkish memorandum sent two days earlier to the Committee of Ministers maintaining that Turkey has taken all the necessary steps regarding the missing.

In the memo sent last Friday by Cyprus, the need for effective implementation of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) judgement on the missing is highlighted.

Attached to the memo is a note with extracts from a book written by Turkish author Erol Mutercimler containing eyewitness accounts from high-ranking Turkish army officers who took part in the 1974 Turkish invasion.

The book, titled ‘Cyprus: The island on sale - Unknown Aspects of the Cyprus Peace Operation’ contains the memoirs of three high-ranking Turkish officers who served as commanders and deputy commanders during 1974. (...)