Tunisia rally: "Fight the Jews, enter Paradise"

Tunisian youth should "train" to "Fight the Jews" and enter "paradise". This call came during a demonstration in downtown Tunis called for by Islamists who want Islamic Sharia to be "the main source of legislation" in the Constitution of Tunisia.

Thousands of supporters of different Islamic groups participated in the demonstration.

Speeches were led by bearded young men with hundreds of loudspeaker, saying: "Prepare yourselves ... train yourselves in fighting the Jews, fighting for the sake of Allah ... paradise .. paradise.... paradise ... paradise. " The young people responded to the Salafi leader by singing "God is great."

A video clip with the sermon by the Salafi leader has been viewed widely in Facebook.

The activists said on Facebook: "This is the first time in Tunisia there was incitement to kill Jews in the street in broad daylight."

Russia Today (Arabic) adds that Hizb ut-Tahrir was one of the groups at the rally.