Tommy Robinson - Another Charge Or Two

(EDL) English Defence League - 05 December 2012

Tommy Robinson was visited by the police while in prison only for them to tell him he will be charged for allegedly attacking Sayful Islam, a hard core Islamist who frequently courts notoriety by reciting passages of the Quran and Hadith to justify Islamic supremacism and the call for Britain to become an Islamic state.

Sayful Islam is a threat to Britain, a threat to freedom, democracy and national security. He physically attacked Tommy while he was entertaining a film crew as he drove through Luton, the assault was recorded and is easily found the world over, just google it or search YouTube, its really not that hard to find, in fact it's so easy even the people who are angling for Tommy to be prosecuted could find it, we won't be holding our breath though that's for sure. Despite evidence that Tommy was assaulted by Sayful he was never arrested, never charged, never held to account by the authorities, so why not? The police are going to charge Tommy with assaulting Sayful Islam even though there is no CCTV footage of any assault taking place. Yes, a man who hates the west and all we stand for as proud Britons has got away with a proven assault seen the world over, yet Tommy has been arrested on an allegation with no proof! Go figure! We keep harping on about a two tier system, thats because there's plenty of evidence out there to prove that is the case, it is something we must fight long and hard against because we are not only fighting a barbaric 7th century form of Islam, we are fighting against the very establishment that allows this militant and aggressive ideology to thrive without any serious challenge, challenges that should be mounted time and time again to counter the obvious and multiple threats that backward 7th century Islam poses for 21st century democracies. We really can't have faith in a system that allows for known extremists and rapists to evade jail, but we can have faith in a system that has no proof to charge Tommy for assault obviously. So the self proclaimed "Sword of Allah" has got frightened, he has contacted the police and made an allegation of assault. That kind of behaviour is hardly associated with a warrior of Islam, it's more befitting of a coward, he must be the sort who would rather send someone else to martyrdom, what a truly brave man he is. If you were assaulted Sayful we won't be losing any sleep that's for sure! Stoke the fires long enough and hard enough and you will get burned. People have had more than enough of you and your ilk, people will not show you compassion or tolerance because you do not know the meaning of those words. Tommy was also notified of a second charge, a charge under the harassment and communication act 2003 for some tweets he put over the Internet. So do we see another example of a two tier system in full swing again? Of course we do! Tommy has had a barrage of threats made against him, his wife and children and other family members, threats that range from killing his children, beheading his wife, raping and mutilating his mother, being set on fire, his house being burned down, serious beatings etc etc etc (continue reading...)