Thugs savage 87-yr-old woman who tried to stop them from beating puppy

Examiner - 19 November 2012

Woman beaten to the point of "heavy bleedings from her genitals"... There has been recent attacks aimed specifically at man's best friend in various European nations.

Perpetrated by "immigrant gangs" who have used the rationale that canine's are supposedly unclean according to the dictates of the Qur'an.

The latest victims are a black and white puppy, and an 87-year-old grandmother.

As reported by the Swedish news portal, the quaint village of Helsingborg in southern Sweden was rocked by the savage attack perpetrated upon the pup and the elderly grandmother.

Yet identified by the press, the anonymous woman was interviewed by Swedish radio, and stated that she;

"couldn’t help but ask them to stop – maybe it was stupid of me but I just couldn’t stand watching them torture a small animal."

Inside a neighborhood grocery store, the woman states she heard howling, "like that of a small child." (continue reading...)