This Week in Muslim Amputation News

28 January 2013

FrontPage Magazine 28 January 2013

Amputation in Islam is like football in America. Muslims don’t really understand how important football is to Americans and the Yanks don’t understand how important mutilating body parts is to Muslims.

While Muslim technology continues to lag behind the West, advances are being made in key areas, such as finger amputation machines. Iran reminds us that it’s not just pursuing nuclear technology so it can commit genocide, but that it also focuses on the little things, like finger amputation machines. Sure America may have invented the iPhone, but Islam invented the finger amputation machine. And how are you going to use your iPhone when you don’t have any fingers?

Bet you didn’t think of that.

One of Iran’s official press agencies published photos showing the public amputation of a thief’s fingers on Wednesday. These show a man getting his finger chopped off with a machine resembling a rotary saw. We contacted many of our Observers in Iran to ask them about this machine. Some of them had heard about it before, but many discovered its existence through these morbid photographs, which were reportedly taken on Thursday. According to the INSA press agency, the man shown getting his finger cut off was charged with robbery and adultery by a court in the southwestern city of Shiraz.

Over in Saudi Arabia, they’re not just chopping off fingers, they’re going for entire limbs.

A newly-wed bride in Saudi Arabia who was paralysed in a car accident during her honeymoon has turned down 6 million riyals (Dh5.8 million) in compensation and insisted that the driver found guilty of reckless driving lose the use of both legs on grounds of retributive justice.

And if you visit Saudi Arabia, be sure to be very careful what you touch. Or you might lose a hand. (continue reading...)