The Terror-Funding Roads That Pass Through Qatar

16 October 2014
The Terror-Funding Roads That Pass Through Qatar

Right Side Publications 16 October 2014
By Thomas Vibjerg, Henrik Thomsen

Qatar is under growing international pressure because of millions of terror dollars allegedly being pumped into the Islamic State and other radical Islamist movements from offices in the wealthy emirate on the Persian Gulf.

Huge amounts from generous supporters and ransom laundered by the small oil state are channeled, disguised as humanitarian charity, to terrorist movements such as Islamic State, without the regime in Doha dealing effectively with the problem, say Western leaders and analysts.

And according to a report from the Danish Treasury Department, some of the 100 Danes with the Islamic State got help from an extremist who is funded from Qatar.

Qatar’s central role as a kind of financial Mecca of the Islamic State has led to calls for economic sanctions, and that may put Denmark in a difficult dilemma. Denmark’s largest company, AP Møller-Mærsk plays a key economic role in Qatar, where more than a third of the country’s oil production — 300,000 barrels a day —is purchased by Maersk Oil, according to the company’s website. (continue reading...)

The following article from last week’s Jyllands-Posten was translated by Nicolai Sennels at the request of the Qatar Awareness Campaign