The Solution to the Desertification of French Cities

Gates of Vienna - 11 February 2013

As the "sensitive zones” in France become more "sensitive” — i.e. more Islamic — crime increases, businesses close down, and middle-class natives flee to safer and more commodious locations. The problem has been growing for decades, and now seems to be approaching a tipping point.

The following news report from French TV celebrates the solution to the problem of "desertification”: more Islam!

That’s right: to end the intimidation, threats, violence, theft, and vandalism, let the Muslims themselves assume control, and then normal life will resume. Businesses will return to desertified areas, and the few remaining "persons of French background” will be able to shop for necessities without traveling for miles.

Notice that the issue is not the ethnic background of the miscreants. The young hero of this story is Turkish, but many of his homies — the ones who work for him, and the neighbors he keeps in line — are almost certainly Algerians, Tunisians, black Africans, and various other ethnicities. (continue reading...)