The Modoggies Come to Malmö

26 February 2013 26 February 2013

Lars Vilks and his controversial Roundabout Dogs are coming to Malmö next summer. Hans Erling Jensen sends the following announcement concerning this important upcoming event

The public appeasement council — no, wait, Conflict Advisory Board — in Malmö will meet about Lars Vilks

Due to a planned art exhibition in Malmö this summer by the much sought-after (by Muslims) Swedish artist Lars Vilks — who wants to show a variety of his drawings and paintings, including the now famous "Roundabout Dogs” — the city council has decided to call in their so-called "Conflict Advisory Board”.

[Lars Vilks: Modoggie #6] The Conflict Advisory Board is a part of the municipality’s so-called "Dialogue Forum” where politicians and representatives of religious organisations (read: Muslim organisations and imams from the grand mosque in Malmö) occasionally gather to discuss how to avoid having Muslims in Malmö go berserk when they decide to be offended. This time the group wants to get an idea of how the Muslim representatives feel about the exhibition, and ask them to try to calm the masses.

"We want to get an idea of what the Muslim representatives think of the exhibition, and have them share their views of what can be done about it,” said Bjorn Lagerback, Coordinator of the Dialogue Forum.

Several of the paintings to be exhibited in a gallery in Malmö are reprints of the original drawing of the Prophet Muhammad Roundabout Dog. According to Vilks, the intention is to soothe criticism of Islam. Lars Vilks also says: "It is time to loosen up the status of Islam and the prophet as ‘non-criticisable issues’ where artistic performance and expression are concerned.”

Author’s remark:

As I see it, this is neither a question of dialogue nor conflict control. It is pure, systematic appeasement — nothing more, nothing less!

Hans Erling Jensen Director of Free Speech Europe