The Islamization of Spanish Jurisprudence - Spain Submits to "Adoption Jihad"

Gatestone Institute - 20 February 2013 - From Soeren Kern

To the extent that European lawmakers are willing to graft Islamic legal principles onto Europe's secular legal codes, Islamic Sharia law could easily become a permanent reality in Spain and across the continent

Spain has acceded to the demands of the Islamist government in Morocco by agreeing that Moroccan children adopted by Spanish families must remain culturally and religiously Muslim. The agreement obliges the Spanish government to establish a "control mechanism" that would enable Moroccan religious authorities to monitor the children until they reach the age of 18 to ensure they have not converted to Christianity.

The requirement, which will be enshrined in Spain's legal code, represents an unprecedented encroachment of Islamic Sharia law within Spanish jurisprudence. The move also represents a frontal assault on the freedom of religion or belief, which is protected by Article 16 of the Spanish Constitution.

Spanish Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón said on February 17 that he had agreed to the demands of his Moroccan counterpart, the Islamist Mustafa Ramid, so that Spanish families who have been assigned Moroccan orphans can bring the children to Spain.

Adopting children in Morocco has always been problematic. But the procedure became vastly more complicated in 2012, when Morocco's newly elected Islamist government announced measures to prevent non-Muslim foreigners from adopting Moroccan children. (continue reading...)