The Immigration-Industrial Complex strikes again

19 November 2012

Dispatch International 19 November 2012
By Lars Hedegaard

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt reveals his strategy: Mass immigration is a weapon in a political power struggle intended to ensure the ruling elite eternal control

Sweden's Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt from the right-of center party Moderaterna (The Moderates) has never concealed his loathing of the immigration-critical party Sverigedemokraterna (The Sweden Democrats, SD), which managed to gain access to Parliament after the last election – much to the regret of the country's power elite. At a November 6 meeting at Stockholm University he clarified his criticism of Sweden's third-largest party.

Provoked by the question why he had not confronted the SD, he answered that this is one of the hardest problems to solve. "Once they have entered Parliament, they are difficult to evict," he said.

As reported by the daily Metro, he continued:

"Let us not imagine that we can overcome the Sweden Democrat phenomenon in an open debate. Fundamentally, we have to realize that there are social problems associated with integration and immigration, criminality, globalization and the reorientation of Sweden, which we must solve. We must give people hope that these are problems that can be solved. That is what we are trying to do."

According to Fredrik Reinfeldt, the SD's very existence is "the beginning of the decline that we have already seen in other countries. That's why we must isolate them from influence." As an example he mentioned that shortly after the parliamentary elections in September 2010, his government entered an agreement with the left-leaning Miljöpartiet (The Environmentalist Party) concerning asylum and immigration policies.

"The effect of the SD was that we got a policy going in the opposite direction," Fredrik Reinfeldt told the students at Stockholm University.

And the effect is indeed remarkable. As reported by Dispatch International on August 29, Sweden's immigration authority, Migrationsverket, estimates an influx of 174.500 new immigrants over the next two years – on top of the one million that have entered tiny Sweden over the past decade.

In other words: Unless Swedes stop voting for the Sweden Democrats, the government will punish with a policy "going in the opposite direction", i.e., with more immigration. (continue reading...)