The Gates of Vienna Hijra

22 January 2013 22 January 2013

Gates of Vienna has moved. Our new location is The migration is underway. Should we call it the Hijra? Or maybe the Islamophobic Trail of Tears?

I owe a big debt of gratitude to Henrik Ræder Clausen, Vlad Tepes, and KGS for their help setting up the new site and tutoring me in the nuances of WordPress. Extra thanks are due to Vlad for hosting last night’s news feed.

Previous content has migrated to the new site. We have the archives and the comments, but the new template hasn’t really been established — just the bare minimum to get us up and running. The rest of the process will take a while.

The old site at blogspot will not redirect to the new site, because Google has locked the blog. We have filed a request for a review of our status, but there’s no telling whether that will work — Google has not communicated with us except for the initial notice, which was as follows:

Hello, Google has received a Terms of Service complaint regarding malicious code on your blog. After conducting our review, and in accordance with Google’s Terms of Service, we have removed the content at issue.

Terms of Service: Content Policy:

The Google Team

In the meantime, if everyone could change their links to us on their sites, as well as their bookmarks, that will help the search engines find the new URL and give us back some of our ranking.

If I have any other important news about all this, I’ll send out another mass email. Otherwise, check in at here for information on the situation. At some point normal posting will resume.

Thank you all for your interest and support. (continue reading...)