The End Is Nigh For the Dutch Political Establishment

It seems that Geert Wilders, champion of freedom and advocate of Western Civilisation, will soon reach the pinnacle of political power in the Netherlands. People in Holland are realising that the establishment parties want to strip them of their rights, of their country, and of their history. Many now realise that if they want to have a true democracy in the Netherlands with the right to speak one’s mind protected and Dutch culture preserved then the only thing to do is vote for Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party. Gates of Vienna discusses an article on radionetherlands shows that the writing is on the wall and the traditional political classes know that they will soon have no power and no influence. The Dutch elite is rattled and desperate and trying to dream its way from the edge of political oblivion.

The international elite have, up until now, found ways to manage our democracy through the established political parties. Parties like the Freedom Party in the Netherlands are showing the people the way back to political significance. For too long the voice of the people as been managed and twisted so that it can be ignored.

The days when the elite can place a list of unsatisfactory candidates on a ballot form and call it democracy are well and truly over. During the last few weeks in Britain, we have seen the result of attracting that sort of ‘talent’ to public life. Democracy will soon be taken back from the multinationals who found a way to steel it and it will be returned to the people. All the people have to do is to totally reject the mainstream parties who have brought nothing but disaster and colonisation to our countries. Vote out the failed political establishment!