The Danish press is defending freedom of expression

Europe | Courrier international - 13 February 2008

Joelle Kuntz welcomes the initiative of several Danish newspapers which republished on Wednesday, February 13th, the caricatures of Mohamed to protest against the attempted assassination of one of the caricaturists.

"We can only approve the Danish reaction. Were the same thing were to have happened in Switzerland, were caricaturists and journalists to have been the targets of such a sinister vendetta, would Swiss society have also stood up to defend the law, silencing its own internal debates on the quality and the appropriateness of works produced or the political identity of their authors.

Because in Switzerland, like in Denmark, society, though disunited in its religious faiths, joins forces to maintain the rules that it has made for itself with difficulty over 150 years in order to peacefully deal with controversy. ...

How long are we going to have to accept to make allowances in the name of multiculturalism? The Danish have posed this serious question by acting as they have."

Le Temps (Switzerland)