The Cardinal prays in a mosque

GalliaWatch - 25 February 2013

An upsetting bit of information posted at Saphir News, a Muslim website: On Thursday, February 21, 2013, Cardinal Barbarin, primate of the Gauls, attended the grand mosque of Lyon during the afternoon prayer (Asr) in order to pray with the Muslim community for the release of the seven French hostages, including four children, from the department of le Rhône.

Note: Seven French hostages were kidnapped in Cameroon on Tuesday. They are presumably being held in Nigeria. In another example of government incompetence, the minister in charge of veterans, Kader Arif, announced their release, then retracted his announcement. As I post there are still negotiations going on.

Asr is one of the five Muslim prayers held throughout the day.

In the presence of a large audience a ceremony of meditation and prayer was organized. After the psalmody of the Koran, the grand mufti of the mosque, Kamel Kabtane, called on the community to pray for the rapid release of our compatriots and to express his concern as uncertainty clouded the entire day. The cardinal said he was very moved by this fraternal meeting organized by the Lyon mosque in the enclosure of the prayer room and he prayed with them.


There is a video that accompanies the article in which Cardinal Barbarin appears second from the right. Philippe Barbarin was born in Morocco in 1950, another of so many high-placed Frenchmen, born in North Africa, who have difficulty identifying completely not only with France but with Christianity. He has, however, come out against homosexual marriage, a violation of natural law that is apparently more fundamental and crucial to him than the rapid growth of Islam on French soil.

At Yves Daoudal's website there are some comments:

- Apostate.

- Does the Cardinal know who the god of the Muslims is? Does he think he's praying to God, who just has a different name in a different language? Has he been infected with media sickness ever since he made open declarations on marriage for certain persons?

- Unbelievable, that we have come to this!

- He certainly is consistent! After uttering in public the line from the Koran: "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his prophet" which was enough to reveal his Muslim faith, now he goes to pray in a mosque! Does an apostate bishop have the right to participate in a Conclave to elect a Pope, the head of the Catholic church?? (continue reading...)