Teaching Islam in South Sudan schools

www.sudantribune.com - 09 November 2011 - From Luk Kuth Dak

Justin Maker Bol is one of my favorite people. He did what no other South Sudanese in the United States of America ( USA) has ever done. He’s his own boss. Besides, he is outspoken, smart and a conservative man, who cherishes family values. He attends all of his son’s football games cheering him on the side line. My daughter, Mirry Dak is lucky to have him as her uncle.

If he were born in the USA, where talents are discovered early on and developed, he could have been like Bill O’reilly, of the O’reilly Factor, Rush Limbaugh, or even Larry King, respectively.

Maker remains one of the few voices of wisdom and reasoning with in the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM). A few weeks ago, I rang him up at his residence in Ohio, to inform him that the party he’s been so loyal to his entire life has just made an irreparable harm by importing Islamic teachers from the North, to teach Islam in public schools in South Sudan!!

Here’s Justin in his own words:

" The history of Sudan teaches us since the Mahdist, Aboot, Nemiry, through Al- Bashir, now that Islam was/ is a source of intolerance, extremism and Jihad. During both civil wars, he continued, the Anyana one and the SPLA, North Sudan had declared Jihad against South Sudan. Islam was used as a weapon to rape, enslave, and kill the none Muslim in South Sudan. More so, conversion to Islam was more than enough qualification for a South Sudanese to get a high government position in Sudan. The list of brutalities committed in the name if Islam is never ending.” (...)