Teachers at Ejerslykkeskolen school in Muslim ghetto: It is "something of a warzone" 06:07 | Posted by Nicolai Sennels

islamversuseurope.blogspot.ca - 03 December 2012

The whole case started when a teacher for the first time said what so many of her collegues all over Europe thinks. Read more about Odense Municipality, where Ejerslykkeskolen school is placed, at JihadWatch here.

"'- I'm so fucking tired of you Muslims who destroys teaching.' These were the words used by school leader Birgitte Sonsby when she scolded five to six pubils at Ejerslykkeskolen in Odense. This makes Shaib Mansoor, who is the father of one of the most deligent boys, angry. '- This is far over the line. Of course (continue reading...)