Syria, Turkey and the madness

Pod Mosta - Под Моста - 11 January 2016 - From Daher Daher
Syria, Turkey and the madness

I’m going to tell you a story that will seem very familiar. Because all stories repeat themselves, but for unclear reasons one doesn’t learn his lessons from them. Or maybe one doesn’t want to, if it’s uncomfortable?

Let’s ride the time machine and travel a few decades back. The year is 1953, and the place is Tehran, Iran. At that time the man of power in the Persian country is Mohamed Mosaddegh, a democratically elected prime minister, who until today is for many Iranians a symbol, a distant dream of a secular country. Mosaddegh finished his education in Paris, he was extremely broad-minded and had a vision of a secular and economically stable country that was to be separated from religion and take its own autonomous path to development.

As a tool for handling poverty, illiteracy and weak infrastructure, he saw the petrol deposits, who were to serve the building up of a working industry. That’s why Mosaddegh nationalized the natural resources and canceled the contracts for concessions with the British companies, who controlled the oil and were sucking it like leeches, giving the leftovers to the Iranian state.

For Great Britain that was a serious hit and they tried their best to use their political and colonial connections, to place an embargo on Iran’s oil export, managing to tie it down to minimum. Despite this economic and political racket, Mosaddegh stayed an exceptionally influential political figure, popular mostly in the big cities and amongst the intellectuals.

Great Britain and the US started to get nervous and plotted a conspiracy, having the CIA start operation “Ajax”, the goal of which was to remove Mosaddegh from power and replace him with a marionette government. This operation is not just another conspiracy theory, but a historical fact, officially declassified and acknowledged by the CIA half a century later. The details you can find in “The New York Times”, digital sources like Wikipedia and also in the whole web.

The Americans placed in Iran agents that started to instigate the religious and conservative communities against Mosaddegh, taking advantage of the fact that the secular and democratically disposed prime minister was not popular in their circles. The CIA poured millions of dollars in propaganda, describing the prime minister as a dictator and anti-religious communist. The marionette-shah at that time - Reza Pahlavi was pressured to remove Mosaddegh from power, but the weak-willed monarch was afraid of the prime minister’s influence on the masses that could cause a rebellion, as well as the legitimacy of such an act, therefore he declined the request. The West increased the pressure on the shah, bribing members of his family and so in August 1953 Pahlavi cowardly escaped to Rome and from there announced the removal of Mosaddegh from power. This was followed by bloody demonstrations, rallies and clashes between royalists and anti-royalists, with the Americans organizing arsons on mosques and spreading chaos, which turned the religious communities against the prime minister. During that time the Western alliance bribed the military, which intervened and conducted strikes on Mosaddegh’s residence, but he managed to survive. Later on he resigned. The central figure in taking down Mosaddegh was Shaban Jafari, who together with the interior minister Fazlollah Zahedi signed a new treaty for concession with the USA and Great Britain. The followers and close associates of Mosaddegh were hunted down, brutally molested and executed. Should I mention that after the Islamic revolution Jafari escaped to America?

Today many analysts across the Atlantic admit that kicking out Mosaddegh is one of the biggest mistakes in American diplomacy. Because this “control or destroy” policy eventually brought the ayatollahs to power in Iran.

The moral of the story – oil. Everything gravitates around it. Nobody cares about the people in the region, and the World Powers are willing to soak the ground in blood, to enthrone and dethrone rulers and in the same time show up on the media with their “concerned” faces, stony glass eyes, like small children explaining how they are saving the world and fighting “the bad guys”.

Half a century later history repeats itself. Bashar Assad, who finished education in Great Britain, takes the lead in Syria, showing that he is even more secularly oriented than his father. Bans the burkas, cuts the welfare for families with over 3 children, makes reforms, aiding the craftsmanship and manufacture, and limits the influence of the imams. In Syria they used to produce local brands of TV sets, refrigerators, medicine and textile products and the country became the regional leader in export of some agriculture crops. Syria welcomed more than 2 million Iraqi refugees without having to build a single camp, 500 thousand of these refugees being Iraqi Christians.

Everything would have been OK if Bashar accepted to become a liege-man, carried out the Saudi-Turkish oil project, dictated by the US, and gave up the Levantine deposits in the Mediterranean.

In this project however Syria would have been just a middleman, a voiceless side. Instead Assad signed an agreement with Iraq and Iran (directed by Russia) which turned Syria not just into a witness, but into a main player and distributor of the resources in the region, displacing Turkey from that position. Later on the Alevi Assad was declared a schizophrenic dictator who used chemical weapons against children (that trick worked in Iraq and they tried to apply it in Syria) and terrorized his own people.

Although the rebels are the ones who cut people open and eat their hearts in front of the camera, they are the ones who put 50 children in a cage and burn them alive because they are Christian, they are the ones who use women as sex-slaves before slaughtering them, they are the ones who use the chemical warfare, child-soldiers, and they are the ones who scream “Allahu-Akbar” in all of their videos.

The lovely folks from the Qatari television „Аl-Jazeera” also took part in the propaganda. While there were rallies of support for Assad, they recorded chants like “The people want the fall of the regime” from protestors on Tahrir square in Cairo and put them together in a way that it looked like the protest was against Assad in Syria. Doesn’t matter that the flags were with two green stars and not three red, like the flags of the opposition. But this circled the whole world or as Terry Pratchett says “A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on”.

The USA along with its allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar has spent millions on propaganda and on turning the Sunnis against the unbeliever Alevis and Christians in Syria.

When you pull out a map and mark the deposits in the region, slowly the whole puzzle is connected. What’s the role of Erdogan? The same as Shaban Jafari had little more than half a century ago. Is the close relationship of Erdogan and the former Taliban leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar a coincidence? Is it a coincidence that his son Bilal is an oil magnate involved in the regional trade, and the Internet is flooded with pictures of him and bearded individuals? Is it a coincidence that the fallen into hysteria Erdogan ordered the shooting down of a Russian plane, after the Russians blew up a few ISIS oil wells? Bilal Erdogan officially states, that, well you see, he bought oil from the Kurds in Iraq, and not from ISIS, with jobbers from Iraqi Kurdistan constantly nod in agreement with these statements.

In return Russia hit a whole bunch of trucks, transporting oil for Turkey and the pour Turkish president out of anger and impotence starts to explain to the world that the Russians are communists and they are the ones that are buying the oil from ISIS and also created the jihadi organization. Quite the illogical explanation, having in mind the fact that Erdogan himself is a Muslim Brother with close connections to Saudi leaders, which explains his intemperate reaction on the taking down of Muslim Brotherhood leader and now former president of Egypt, Mohamed Morsi. The Turkish politician went so far as calling general Sisi with the banal word “dictator”, who has unlawfully taken down Morsi, but there is an explanation for that too:

Sisi removed the preferences that Turkey had in using the Suez channel and cut of their profitable trade with Saudi Arabia. That made Erdogan use the roads and territories of ISIS, and their financing by Turkey was admitted even by the US vice-president Joe Biden.

Everybody knows what Erdogan is like. Here is what he states:

“Westerners love the oil, gold, diamonds and cheap labor of the Muslim world. They are happy about the conflicts, fights and quarrels in the Middle East. Believe me, they don’t like us. They pretend to be our friends, but wish our death. They want to see how our children die”

Erdogan also believes that Muslims first discovered America and that the Ottomans first set foot on the Moon. According to him Hasan Celebi – the ottoman human-rocket made the first successful flight with a rocket in 1635.

“Why don’t you believe these things? Because you never believed that a muslim could do such a thing?” says grumpy Erdogan “This statement is nothing new. A range of scientists in Turkey and the rest of the world agree with these claims, and I believe they are right! NASA probably destroyed most of the evidence of the Ottoman empire’s aviation success during the “Apollo 11” mission, but we will try to find what is left”

After the attacks on Charlie Hebdo the turkish prime minister stated that this is a conspiracy, directed by the europeans in order to once again defame the muslims and he didn’t attend the march of the european leaders. On top of it all, the europeans seriously consider importing erdogan’s Turkey into the EU, with all of his comments on women, burkas and the social network Twitter, like the persecution of journalist that criticise him or the sentensing of their greatest writer - Orhan Pamuk.

O, Europe, what happened with your strive thowards freedom of speech, emancipation of women and equality, where is your secular origin? Or will everything be traded for a few oil pipes from Saudi Arabia and Qatar that should go through Iraq and Syria and be distributed by Turkey? Is this the future of Europe? Importing Sharia for oil? Tearing down countries and uncomfortable governments - drowning them in blood? Is the world really so sterile and numb?

Of course every criticism against the USA will be labeled “communist propaganda” and every effort for showing the truth - a “lie”. Maybe it’s good that you go and witness with your own eyes what is happening in the Christian towns in Syria. Not to discover the truth, but to see what awaits Europe if it continues its hypocritical policy and tolerates intolerant ideology - using it for geopolitical and economical purposes.

Lessons from the past are never learned.