Sweden: In 1990 there were 3 ghettos. In 2006 156 ghettoes. Since then they stopped counting.

16 December 2013
Sweden: In 1990 there were 3 ghettos. In 2006 156 ghettoes. Since then they stopped counting.

Islam versus Europe 16 December 2013
By Nicolai Sennels

Against all rules among the politically correct. the major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter prints an ad for the book ("The Immigration cover up"). Dagens Nyheter usually does not do stuff like that. And the two authors have to undergo a month of negotiations with editor Peter Wolodarski before the ad is accepted . ...

The ad was throroughly checked by the editors, including the chief editor. They were not able to find a single mistake in the information contained in the advertisement.

But still, hell broke loose among the 'elite', among journalists, professors, opinion leaders and politicians. The was talk about "racist propaganda" and "xenophobic interests." ...

Journalist and commentator Helle Klein bluntly called it a "racist ad" and asked the newspaper to apologize. Journalist Alexandra Pascalidou thought it was an ad "in the service of racist propaganda". At record speed a Facebook group was created, "No racist propaganda in our media!" ...

The facts in the ad are:

1: Since 2000 until October 2013 Sweden has granted residence to 1.1 million immigrants.

2: Since the start of the Syrian civil war, Sweden has granted 16,400 Syrians asylum. Denmark, Norway and Finland have granted asylum in the same period to 2000, 802 and 310 Syrians.

3: Immigration is usually about getting a partner to Sweden from the home country. One third of these are totally dependent on social welfare.

4 : Citizens born abroad make up 15 percent of Sweden's population. They also receive 60 percent of Swedish social welfare.

5: In 1990, Sweden had 3 ghettos (criterion for being categorized as ghetto: more than half of the adult population is unemployed). In 2006 the figure was 156 ghettos. Since then the figure has not been measured.

6: For those who are granted asylum, 70 percent are still unemployed after two years.

7: 64 percent of Sweden's population does not believe that the media is telling the truth about the social problems associated with immigration (continue reading...)