Subsidized Polygamy End This Outrage

British Freedom Party - 22 August 2012

It is now no secret that polygamous wives, many of them, are living in Britain and drawing welfare payments as single mothers. The cowardly way that British governments have handled this issue, alleging that there has been a ‘blunder’ (how strange), is to oblige the taxpayer to play ‘Let’s Pretend’. Islamic law, they explain, is not recognised by British law: a marriage is only recognised if it is registered in Britain. We are all consequently obliged to pretend that polygamous wives are poor little ‘single mums’ who have to be provided with welfare. This is, of course, an insult to Islam, which does not permit single mothers — they are stoned to death — but strangely nobody notices that. Not long ago Muslim demonstrators held placards proclaiming (criminally), "Behead those who insult Islam”. Remember them? This game of ‘Let’s Pretend’ is predictably convenient for Muslim men. To British taxpayers it is a nonsense and an outrage.

As it happens, this is another example of two-tier treatment. Local Authorities quite rightly investigate cases of partnered women pretending to be single (so that they can claim welfare), while mysteriously having a man ‘visiting’ the home, and in some cases to all intents and purposes living there. These people are prosecuted, fined, and made to repay.

One of the powers that a legislature has is the power of deeming. An example of this is in the rules for Capital Gains Tax. People who are closely related are termed "connected persons”. An owner may sell a taxable item to a close relation at a low price, thereby appearing not to have made much of a capital gain. To meet this the law is as follows:

"… transactions between connected persons… are deemed to take place at market value.” (HMRC)

It does not matter if an item is transferred as a gift, or sold at a low price: market value will be used to calculate any Capital Gains Tax. There you have it.

In Britain bigamy and polygamy are crimes. No British citizen is permitted to be married to more than one wife at the same time. In Islamic law a man may have up to four wives as well as any number of concubines (sex slaves), and may also, for payment, contract a ‘temporary marriage’ (mut’a) lasting only a few hours or days. Obviously there is a serious clash of laws here. British law has to be upheld. That is what our representatives are sworn to do.

The Government owes it to the taxpayer to recognise that Islam does not have single mothers. Parliament has the power at its disposal. The law should deem every Muslim mother to be a wife, and not a single mother, unless she can show that she is a widow. Divorces will not be recognised unless the marriage was registered in English law. This is attainable. Our politicians are paid to grasp nettles. They should do their job.