Spain to be hub of Islamic finance

Examiner - 28 April 2010 - From Richard Shulman

Islamic rules of finance are laid down by Sharia, Islamic law. As I have reported, a speaker at a rally in New York explained that Sharia requires Muslim business to donate to charity, but these charities often are terrorist fronts. Does the Spanish government realize this? Does Spain know that Islamic doctrine holds that areas formerly conquered by Islam, including Spain, must be returned to Islam? The same goes for Israel, but the Spanish king, Barry Chamish points out, has been traveling all over for years, on missions to assist Muslim claims to Israel. He would be better advised to work with Israel to preserve his own country. His country faces not just a simple change of religion, as it would be for, say, leaving Catholicism and entering Protestantism, but a loss of freedom and all sorts of cultural restrictions (...)