Spain: Proposal to ban all religious symbols from public space

ANSAmed - 07 June 2009

MADRID. The Spanish government will ban all religious symbols from public spaces such as schools, hospitals, barracks, and jails and also in all official ceremonies as the swearing-in ceremony of Ministers, which was, until now, a Bible oath in front of a crucifix.

This will take effect following the approval of a new law on Freedom of Religion and Beliefs which is under study by the Spanish government, as announced today by the Justice Minister Francisco Caamano, quoted by Spanish newspaper Publico.

The regulation, which will reform the law in force since 1980, is aiming at "creating religiously neutral public spaces". The law will also regulate (a first in Spain) conscientious objection and the rights of those that do not profess any religious creed.

It will give the right to conscientious objection, explained the Minister, only in circumstances recognized by the Constitution and according to the rules set by legislators. In case of abortion, doctors who (...)