Something Rotten in the States of Holland and Turkey

The Brussels Journal - 07 November 2012 - From Anthony Salvia

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is in Istanbul this week to meet with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with a large retinue of Dutch CEOs in tow. The aim is to boost bi-lateral economic ties between the two NATO allies, which are now valued at over €5.5 billion a year.

Highly unlikely to figure in the official talking points is any mention of lawsuits that were brought against a Dutch citizen by two Turkish citizens -- Mustafa Y. and Osman B - in 2008 and 2010, respectively, and which still have not been taken up by Dutch or Turkish prosecutors.

Why the delay in prosecuting the case? Perhaps because the plaintiff -- Mr. Joris Demmink, former Secretary General of the Royal Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice -- was, until his retirement two weeks ago, the Netherlands' highest ranking law enforcement official.

What is the charge? The young Turkish men claim Demmink raped them and numerous other boys in the 1990s in Turkey when Mustafa was 14 and Osman was 12 years old. A third Turkish victim has since come forward.

Imagine Jerry Sandusky as Attorney General of the United States, and you can begin to fathom why this case has never seen the light of day. (continue reading...)