Sharia money trail: British website pushes halal

- 09 January 2013

Meat trade news service calls for harsher halal slaughter methods Elements of the British meat industry appear to have gotten in bed with sharia zealots. Why? They see a lucrative business opportunity to sell "true” halal meat to British Muslims and export halal meat to the growing market of the Islamic world.

Meat Trade News Daily, a website created by English slaughter-men, has run a series of broadsides against Masood Khawaja, president of the Halal Food Authority (HFA), for being too lax in enforcing draconian strictures of sharia law in livestock slaughter.

Meat Trade News Daily has published at least one letter from Abdul Raja, a pro-sharia instigator who has previously organized failed boycotts against halal meat that he deemed to be insufficiently halal, addressed to Khawaja. A very similar writing style and perspective suggest that Mr. Raja is behind additional write-ups against Khawaja and the HFA, including a recent screed that suggested Khawaja should pay more attention to "the ‘Elders’ of the faith” and less attention to "the white community.”

The crux of the controversy is that Khawaja has said that machine slaughter can be permitted under Islamic law, while sharia fanatics like Raja insist on mass throat-slittings by hand and animal bleed-outs. (continue reading...)