Serbia: Water from Spa Vrujci goes to Kuwait

ANSAmed - 11 April 2017
(ANSAned) - BELGRADE, 31 MARCH - Vrujci-based Voda Voda company, owned by businessman Vojin Djordjevic, was visited of Kuwaiti Caro General Trading company Abdulaziz Abdinh and he announced signing of a three-year contract about the export of three million liters of the water to Kuwait. The water is drained from the depth of 605 meters and it is unprocessed, but bottled right after quality control. Voda Voda is exporting 500.000 liters per year to South Korea and they have also negotiated with Singapore on export. Voda Voda is exporting to Hong Kong, Slovenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina (B-H), Macedonia and Montenegro. (ANSAmed) (...more)