Saudi Arabia to support Kosovo in the Islamic Conference - 17 May 2009

The Saudi resolution urging swift recognition of the independence of Kosovo announced for the upcoming 36 Ministerial meeting of the Islamic Conference in Damascus is of extreme high importance for Kosovo. First because it is presented by the country considered as the birth place of Islam, second because of the influence that Saudi Arabia has worldwide and third because it comes in a time of the high popularity of President Obama who is doing his outmost to improve the US image in the Muslim world.

Kosovo has been recognized so far by only 11 out of 57 countries in the Islamic Conference however these countries include influential and economically strong countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia and United Arab Emirates. Intention to recognize Kosovo has been presented by Qatar, Kuwait and Pakistan which are also very influential countries. Probably these were the same reasons that made Serbia’s Foreign Minister Minister to travel to Damascus and ask for support from Syria, which at present leads the Islamic Conference, trying to prevent the adoption of this resolution.

We should focus on two important details emerging from the last trip of Minister Jeremic to Syria. From informal sources it can be learned that the Saudis are justifying the resolution on the mutual religious values with the people of Kosovo who are predominantly Muslim. This has made Jeremic upset and has demanded from Syria to use its influence to over rule the religious element in the discussion. This detail is quite astonishing considering that for many years Serbia has tried to persuade the west that if granted independence Kosovo is going to be become the European base of Al Qaeda even though everyone knows that Kosovars are (...)