Sam Solomon - Progress for Western Liberal Democracies and their Muslim Communities?

12 January 2008

Sam Solomon, a former Muslim and professor of Sharia Law in an White Horse Inn. Interview about the confrontation between Islamic and Western cultures, and the theological convictions at the root of this conflict. Sam Solomon is Director of Fellowship of Faith for Muslims and author of the Charter of Muslim Understanding and The Mosque Exposed

Sam Solomon is a unique man. He was raised as a Muslim, trained in Sharia law for 15 years, and after reading the New Testament became a Christian. He was imprisoned, questioned, and was to be put to death when the decision instead came to exile him on pain of death. One of the leading experts on Islam and Sharia law in the western world now, Mr Solomon has testified before congress and is a consultant to the British parliament for matters regarding Islam.

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Because Allah doesn’t make any covenant, he isn’t going to change you. Allah will not change the condition of the people until they change it themselves with their own souls. It is a self effort. It has nothing to do with Allah. Allah doesn’t change a man. He would not touch anybody. He is not the God of the Christian faith who will seek the lost.

If you deny the work of the Holy Spirit and if you deny that aspect of the faith and you will rely that it is a self help program, you see, that is denying the whole of Biblical theology. Why can’t we overlook that and walk together in unity and worship, after all we are all Christians?

Who converts you? Faith is the gift of God. It is not of you. We were children of wrath, therefore depravity of man cannot be ignored. The work of the Holy Spirit cannot be overlooked, must not be ignored. Otherwise, there is no difference between Islam and the Christian faith that people claim to have.

Islam comes very strongly, and therefore if this is the modern view of Christianity, rejecting the centrality of the biblical truths. Sin of man, the original sin and guilt and the atonement. If people would say, “I just repented and Jesus loves me,” these are facts, yes? You repented and, true indeed, Jesus loves you. But if that was the limit, then when troubles come we will fly out of the window before we realize that we have melted away. Why? Because we are not grounded and rooted in the word of God.

If God has accepted me not because I am a nice man, not because simply I have repented, he has even had to accept my repentance based on His covenant. If we do not understand covenant theology, if we are not rooted there, that God accepted not because I have done something good, or because I have given to the poor, but because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. It is in His blood. It is because He stood for me and took the wrath of God.

If we think that God is all love and there is nothing in Him which hates sin. If he is love that means anything will go. If we ignore the part of the wrath doctrine then we are going to lose out. Why? Because we fail to see the wrath of god on sin when Jesus took it. It costed Him. It costed Him.

Islam comes and undermines all these things and it says just repent and say the Shahadah creed and you will be accepted and safe because you are a Muslim. Will almost be except for the difference of the titles. And I think that is why today Europe is almost down under. Islam ruled supreme. That is why mosques are springing up everywhere in the United States. People are ripe! It isn’t just the Muslim population here. It is the Americans and every state in the United States has a mosque, has an Islamic center. It is making a huge advance because there is no more any difference between what they hold and what watered down Christianity has to offer.

- Sam Solomon

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Sam Solomon - Progress for Western Liberal Democracies and their Muslim Communities?

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