Rape Squads and Saudi Dollars

04 February 2013

American Thinker 4 February 2013
By James Lewis

Forget Springtime for Hitler. In the Era of Obama we have official Arab Springtime for Morsi, complete with Muslim Brotherhood rape squads going out for the very moral purpose of teaching Egyptian girls and women never to escape their sacred house arrest without a male escort. This is Shari'a law as enforced in Saudi Arabia as well as in the city of London.

StrategyPage, an excellent military website, gives us this information about who is paying for the worldwide jihad. On the Sunni side of the street it turns out to be our friends the Saudis:

"Where exactly did the current crop of Islamic terrorists come from? Basically, they came from Saudi Arabia... Saudi Arabia was also exporting billions of dollars, and thousands of Wahhabi preachers... Because of international media networks, Islamic terrorism was no longer a bunch of separate problems..."

And there we are today. The Saudis are using their billions to export 7th century Arabian barbarism to the rest of the world, and the Iranian mullahs across the Gulf are exporting their version to Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, and Syria. But basically it's two flavors of the same criminal ideology, which sanctifies rape and killing for the sake of Allah.

As any Muslim theocrat will tell you, women are responsible for being raped. If they cover their bodies properly and are always escorted by their fathers or brothers, they would not be raped. On the other hand, if they escape their home jails and shame the family honor they deserve death.

Obama loves to compare himself to Abraham Lincoln, who freed the slaves. But Obama enslaved the free, which is not what Lincoln had in mind.

To their everlasting shame, American feminists have been dead silent about what they must know is happening to tens of millions of Muslim women. Ms. Jodie Evans of Code Pink helped to make it happen.

Feminists said nothing when ABC's Lara Logan was gang-raped right in the middle of Tahrir Square by Arab Spring progressive democrats. The liberal media have said nothing. They will cover up the rape squads. They covered up Lara Logan, didn't they? (continue reading...)