Racist Muslims in Bolton Get Soft Sentence For Hate Crime Hammer Attack

Kafir Crusaders - 09 January 2013

Yet again British courts have failed to fully punish Muslims for their crimes in another apparent instance of 2 tier justice. How can anybody be expected to have faith in the British justice system when time and time again the courts are handing out pitful sentences to Muslim offenders. The 3 Muslims in this case attacked 3 boys in 1 of Boltons Muslim enclaves attacking them with a claw hammer to the point where 1 of the boys was knocked out on the floor and the Muslim thugs were kicking him in the head as he lay unconscious shouting racial abuse.

How can this attack be considered anything other than a racist hate crime. A serious racist hate crime at that by the level of violence shown. They could quite easily of killed one of the victims hitting them in the head with a hammer.To give such a pity full sentence is gross incompetence by the case judge. Courts across the country are locking patriots up on hate crime charges for no more than saying words while Muslim thugs get next to nothing for serious attacks. JOKE!!! If it had been the other way round and Muslims attack by natives they would be doing 15 years for racially motivated attempted murder. Gang members jailed for claw hammer attack on teenagers

8:25am Friday 4th January 2013 in News

A GANG of three men jumped out of a car before headbutting and attacking a group of teenagers with a claw hammer, a court heard.

Two of the men were yesterday jailed for the attack, w (continue reading...)