Philadelphia: Muslims demand new hate crime law for crimes in Islamic garb

- 03 February 2013

The City of Brotherly Love is anything but as sharia absurdities continues. h/t halalboozeshack. Next they’ll want it to be a hate crime to look at a Muslim cross-eyed.

The bogus "hate crime” rhetoric has been pimped by black politicians partnering with black Muslims in Philadelphia since at least April 2012.

Here’s an idea. Ban full-face Islamic garb, period. No one else is allowed to wear a full-faced covering in banks, court rooms, etc. And although these crimes are anything but so-called hate crimes, ban hate crimes as well. They are unnecessary and further segregate society into special classes of protected victims.

That said, earlier this week we shattered the facade these lawyers, politicians and imams are trying to sell to an unknowing audience with two posts on the Muslim Sister’s Role in Jihad: (continue reading...)