Paris: The Beirut of Western Europe

Israel National News - 21 February 2013 - From Giulio Meotti

In the face of Islamic militancy, French journalists as a class have lost their nerve and compromised their professionalism. No serious publication has given the proper attention to the worst wave of anti-Semitism in Europe since the Second World War.

It began in 1990, when the body of an 81-year-old Jewish man was dug up and impaled on an umbrella in Carpentras, near Avignon. The French media and politicians called it "vandalism".

Anti-Semitism is "la maladie francaise". It was anti-Semitism which court-martialld an innocent Jewish army captain, Alfred Dreyfus, for treason in 1894. It was anti-Semitism which prompted Vichy's Pierre Laval to deprive French Jews of their rights even more energetically than the Nazis of Occupied France pressed him to do.

It is anti-Semitism which today hunts the French Jews in the streets. (continue reading...)