Paris: Gang of 'Jeunes' Uses Rape as Initiation Rite - 31 January 2013

At least three raps in one year in the same town. The series of crimes in Noisy-le-Grand (Seine-Saint-Denis) seems to have been committed by members of the gang "Candy Shop", according to initial information gathered by the police. Put under surveillance by the intelligence services, this violent group frequents La Défense (Hauts-de-Seine) or the Gare du Nord (10th district).

The phenomenon, like that of "tournantes" [gang rapes], is not new. Most of the time, the crimes committed by the "jeunes" remain confined to incivilities, attacks on law enforcement, brawls, deals in housing estates or trafficking of any kind.

But a particularly disturbing practice was detected by the specialised police services when monitoring the gangs. "With some of them, generally the most structured, we got back some information on the ground indicating their possible involvement in rapes, explains division commissioner Christian Hirsoil, sub-director of the general information service in the Central Directoratte of Public Security. "As it relates to an initiation rite, the "jeune" has to attack, catch and rape a young woman," he continues, without being able to link what is happening in Noisy-le-Grand with these practices.

Source: 20 Minutes

For those who don't know, Seine-Saint-Denis is a massively Muslim-colonised area. In fact, it is has the highest immigrant density of any area in France. (continue reading...)