PCHR sort-of admits Hamas uses kids as human shields

Elder Of Ziyon - Israel News - 04 December 2012

A nice find by Henrik, from PCHR last February: At approximately 00:30 (Feb. 19), an IOF [sic] warplane fired a missile at a training site used by Izz Addin al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, in Yafa Street, east of al-Tuffah neighborhood in the east of Gaza City.

The bombardment resulted in damages to the neighboring establishments, especially Gaza Martyrs Boys Basic School. The windows of the school crushed and damages were caused to the exhibit, the library and the book store in the school. Around 600 students attend this school which employs 23 teachers. The school which measures 4 donums is located 12 meters to the east of the targeted site.

PCHR admits here (without condemnation, of course) that Hamas placed a military site only 12 meters away from a school! (Or, perhaps, they placed the school meters away from their military site.)

According to YellowPages.ps, there is a hospital across the street from the school, too.

The Mohammed Al Dura Hospital.

Here is an IDF photo of that neighborhood prior to Cast Lead.

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